Monday, October 4, 2010

Trout House Soap

During a recent trip to Minneapolis, MN, and The Creative Connection event, I was able to spend time with the soap queen—Ann Marie Craig—who was selling her artisan handcrafted soaps at the event's three-day HandMade Market. Her Century Farmhouse soaps are simply the best and, as you know from my earlier soap posts, she is the one who inspired me to dabble in a soap making enterprise of my own. (See Can I Make Soap? from January.) I brought some of my sample bars for her to critique and, while she offered some helpful suggestions, she did acknowledge that I was well on my way. Being a creative soul and marketer at heart, I have already been playing with packaging that would fit the brand and vision for my Trout House Trading Co. Here is a glimpse of things to come.


  1. Larry, so enjoyed meeting you at The Creative Connection! You are really onto something with that the look of your labels! Best of Luck with your endeavor!

  2. Hi Larry....your soap is wonderful...I love your label!

    It was so nice to meet you and work with you at the TCC Event.
    Hope all is well and your fall has been amazing so far.