Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Much Better Fit

When I was remodeling the downstairs bathroom in Trout House a couple years ago the measurements that either the architect indicated or that my contractor interpreted left me swapping out a pedestal sink for the tiniest wall mounted sink that I could find. What resulted was the installation of a beautiful, but oversized Kohler faucet on a beautiful, but undersized Kohler sink.

After years of living with the mismatch, I looked through the sale bins at my local Ace Hardware and found what I believed would be a suitable replacement: a Peerless Faucet with the same polished chrome finish, but more appropriately-sized and with vintage-looking porcelain handles to suit my "quasi-farmhouse" style. What made the new faucet even more appealing was the price; reduced from $59.99 tp $25.00. With the help of my Uncle Bob (who visited from Idaho this week) I was able to replace the faucet easily and in no time at all. I owe you one Uncle!

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